Magic Shop Music Box

Lil Bun Shop

Regular price $25.00



3x3x2 inches

(not customizable, can only play magic shop)

(pictures displayed are the final product)

Note: I have an Etsy shop open for those in the UK, if you would like to preorder let me know and I will make a listing on there!)

B- Grades have minor flaws on the surface of the music box or may be a bit scratched on the wood on the inside or may have extra glue showing, which is why they are at a discounted price. Please keep this in mind when placing an order!

(the final picture on this listing is what the final product will look like!) 

Seconds are music boxes that have major flaws on the surface, or may not sound in tune to how standard music boxes are. This is in regards to the speed and the notes. SECONDS are discounted because they are not in perfect condition regarding the sound or look! Please keep this in mind!